The Maldon Mud Race 2024


The 50th anniversary Maldon Mud Race is planned to take place on Sunday June 2nd 2024.

This event is free for spectators and the day will feature music and entertainment from 10am. The race is planned to start at 3pm and two 11 metre square screens will help you catch all the action.

The team at Maldon Mud Race are pleased to announce that former paralympic Danny Crates will be starting the runners. Chairman Brian Farrington said, ‘The Race celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and we are so pleased to have Danny with us to start the race and of course, having undertaken the Race as well as being a motivational speaker, he can really get the runners off to the perfect start.’

This year sees 300 runners take part in the Maldon Mud Race and up to 20,000 spectators will enjoy a full day of entertainment, teepee food tents with a wide range of local meat and seafood with Black Pig Catering/Farm Cafe and all day big stage with BBC Essex as well as a chill out session with Paul Lovett after the Race from 3 - 5 pm. 


The day raises important funds for local Maldon and Essex charities.

And it's not just the Mud Race...

The organisers are proud to be adding another way to enjoy the Maldon Mud Race this year.

As well as the world-renowned Maldon Mud Race on Sunday 2nd June, the enjoyment kicks off in Maldon Promenade Park on Friday 31 May at 5 pm with a new offering of incredible street food and music, all served around superb inter-linked teepees.

The teepees are provided by 3Diamond Events, a local Maldon-based company and the food will be from the well-known Black Pig Catering, Drinks to be delivered by Events Factor as well as other local suppliers. 

But that's not all - the exciting food will be enhanced by chilled House, Disco and Soul from DJ Campbell Pirret from 5 pm - 8.20 pm followed by 'Step into Elton' tribute through until 10.30- entry is ticketed from just £16.95 and available at 

Adam Blackett from The Farm Cafe said, "We will keep the teepees from 3Diamond Events up all weekend and on Saturday 1st June, there's a free community event with more music, seafood stalls, streetfood, local beers and wine throughout the day from 12 noon until 4 pm.  

Alongside the live music, there's a wide variety of Seafood Market stalls and street food, local beers and wine from Events Factor so we really hope to get great support and add more funds to the Maldon Mud Race charity fund-raising. It is going to look and taste incredible - the linked teepees will feature a wide range of foods including lobsters, scallops, Lambton Jackson Smoked Salmon on Sunday a whole local  lamb cooked on open fire as well as wonderful fresh Tiptree strawberries from Wilkin & Sons.

We will be serving The Farm Cafe Brunch & Coffee to add another angle of taste to visitors with Chillr House Music  to accompany your breakfast/brunch from 10 am on Sundayprior to the Maldon Mud Race and we hope you will come down to the Promenade and see us over the weekend and give us as much support as possible."  

Brian Farrington, Chairman, Maldon Mud Race said "We wanted to expand the days around the Maldon Mud Race to encourage more visitors and more income for the Charity and with the help of Adam from Black Pig, Events factor and 3Diamond Events , we hope to do that.  Everyone enjoys superb local food and the Farm Cafe at Chigborough is well-known for delivering just that so to be able to have a great weekend of music, food, and fund-raising seems to be a good fit and we hope to be able to raise even more for local Maldon and Essex charities as well as delivering some great days out for the local community."

More details will be published here as available.

The Promenade Park car park costs:
Up to: 1hr £1.60, 2hrs £3.20, 5hrs £8.00, all day £11.00 (shorther periods are available), or you may be able to park in one of the High Street car parks for £1.90 all day.

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The Maldon Mud Race is an annual event in which competitors race to be the first to complete a 400 metre dash over over the bed of the River Blackwater

The race can only take place at low tide when the water is low enough to allow participants to run safely through the water to the opposite bank and back again.

This famous event was originally held at the end of December but extremely cold weather in 2010 caused it to be postponed until the following spring. This change of date was such a great success with over 12,000 spectators that the organisers decided to make the change permanent.

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