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Maldon Splash Park in Promenade Park
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Maldon Splash Park


Maldon District Council have announcd that they will not be opening the Splash Park for the 2020 season due to the current social distancing requirements and operating difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The beach huts will not be available this year either.

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Sessions are 30 minutes long, allowing about 20 minutes in the water and 10 minutes for people to leave the area and for it to be prepared it for the next session. In the interests of safety, there is a limit to the number of people in the Splash Park during a session.

To help ensure that everyone enjoys their visit to this Splash Park, all visitors are requested to adhere to the rules displayed on the notice boards.

The splash park is owned and operated by the Maldon District Council

During 2020 the Splash Park will be open:
1pm - 5pm on the red dates
11am - 5.30pm on the blue dates
Weather permitting

Opening times are subject to weather conditions and maintenance and cleaning requirements and it is advisable to check before travelling - please call the Tourist Information Centre on 01621 856503 for up to date information.

The Splash Park is in Promenade Park, Park Drive, Maldon, CM9 5JQ

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The health and well-being of all visitors is a prime concern and park staff are on hand to help minimise the risk of injury or infection.

With large numbers of children playing together, infection can spread quickly. Parents are asked not to bring an unwell child to the Splash Park - especially if they have experienced diarrhoea or vomiting in the previous 48 hours.

Waterproof dressings should be used to cover any cuts, grazes or veruccas and children should be protected from the sun with a high factor sun cream.

All accidents occurring in the Splash Park should be reported to First Aid personnel immediately.

All users of the Splash Park should wear appropriate swimwear at all times and very young children must use swim nappies. Disposable swim nappies are available in small, medium and large sizes from the kiosk for a small fee.

Please ensure that you only film or photograph your friends and family.

Should any child have a ‘little mishap’ the facility could be closed for up to 4 hours for cleansing purposes - please help us to reduce this risk.

FOR YOUR SAFETY ... please
DO NOT run in the play area or climb on the play features.
DO NOT bring water guns, plastic bottles or other containers into the water area.
DO NOT drink the water. Although it is quite clean, it is not advisable to drink.
DO NOT bring food, alcohol or glass bottles into the Splash Park.

PLEASE NOTE dogs are not permitted in the Splash Park or within the surrounding fenced play area.

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